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With over 130 race wins and even more podiums, there are so many stories and milestones to list, but below is a short glimpse into the big wins along the way, and a look into the future, of what Mark will be racing and what he is working on.


Escort | Silverstone Classic | Win

June | Oulton Park | Win

July | Silverstone Classic | Win




Completed the Donington Festival with the Legends Group 2, Tony Dron race.

New format allowed Touring Cars upto 1990, but only let the RS500 Cosworths in the Invitation Class, as a first year trial.

Qualified 5th, finished 3rd overall and won the class in the Zakspeed Escort. Also tried out the Black Group N car in the Super Touring race, boost issues, so back out with the Escort. Started at the back of the grid, finished 5th.

Still working on the Rouse RS500, to get ready for the season, but budget restrictions and not selling the Escort kept us back. Invited to the Hancook 24hr race in an BMW 330 Coupe, sharing with my god son Paul Mensley and others. Good results beating the youngsters in quali and finished 23rd. Would like to thank my best friend Jim Mensley as Team Manager.


Still racing the Escort with the HSCC Super Touring Races, with some great results and a Group 2 end of the season Winner trophy.


Spa 6 hours - Finished 3rd in class, 12th overall.


Sold the Escort, all effort into the RS500, car to finish the 3rd year restoration and upgrade to a 1990 spec Group A car.

Frustrating start to the season with development problems, learning the car and its potential. Silverstone Classic, with the RS500, road spec, with Harvey Gibbs engine, turned out to be the most rewarding weekend and emotional result in my career. We were up against racing legends for the group. A race combined with two Group 2 cars and a Group 1. Qualified 2nd, alongside the legend Gianfranco Brancatelli in the Eggenberger 24hr winning SPA car - the Bastos RS500.

and we WON! What a start, got to know very quickly and understand that professional drivers don't take any prisoners, and to go and not over worry about the outcome. Being pushed off the 2nd corner, my attitude changed. Dropping to 5th the race was on, getting back to 2nd behind Brancatelli, then into 1st, then back to 2nd, just having a few over driving and exciting moments, wheel to wheel, fantastic racing, then got back in the lead and with the fastest lap to boot, won the 2017 Silverstone Classic. EPIC. A a few tears were shed on the podium!



More development work on the RS500. Restricted budget held us back from a good year so we called it a day and retired the car in the July to regroup. We saved up and did lots of work with Harvey Gibbs Motorsports on the engine development and we managed to do the Walter Hayes Trophy meeting in November 18th and finished 3rd overall with a smile.


Max Reinert



More Group A cars coming out with a new championship with the HSCC. First race Donington, overall win, Silverstone, 2 overall wins, back to Donington, 2 race wins. Great battle with Julian Thomas. Finished the season with fastest laps and winning the Tim Harvey Trophy overall in the Group A format.



Well what can we say, meetings being cancelled, not sure if we were ever going to race, so we decided to buy a period 1990 MGF Cup car, which was the Diamond Morris car. It had lost most of its power and bits, so we prepared it to just get out with the MG Car Club. Finished 2nd at Donington, in both races. Finished 3rd at Silverstone. 2nd at Oulton Park, which was the wettest day on record! We finished 2nd overall in the Cockshoot Championship. Great little car. Last race with the RS500 at Silverstone, with the legends. Qualified 14th, on slicks, damp track, wrong tyre choice. Leadig 30 mins in, started to develop brake problems with a rear brake hose, losing all the fluid. Conceded the lead, but finished 2nd. Other than the brakes, the car was great.




RS500, ready to go. Finishing the new build on the black RS500. The Colin Blower Starion, finished. Both cars now for sale. More funds for racing. Looking forward to racing with the MGF, in the MG Car Club and the RS500 with the HSCC.

Below is our 2nd place at Silverstone 2021.


WhatsApp Image 2022-08-19 at 7.58.36 PM.jpeg


Below is the Toshiba car...Work in progress.


WhatsApp Image 2022-08-19 at 7.54.22 PM.jpeg
WhatsApp Image 2022-08-19 at 8.03.08 PM (1).jpeg

Goodwood Instructing.

WhatsApp Image 2022-10-19 at 4.10.32 PM.jpeg
WhatsApp Image 2022-10-19 at 4.10.46 PM.jpeg

Mark's new ride! His beautiful FIA Mustang.



Mark Wright Motorsport | Driver



Chase is 13 years old.


We first started working with Chase mid way through 2020, whilst he was testing his Junior Hotrod Citroen C2 and Saxo. We rebuilt the Junior Hotrod after some damage occurred.

After a brief spell in cars, Chase wanted to return to his Karting for the later part of the 2021 season and a full on assault in the 2022 race season, piloting his Synergy Honda Cadet Extreme, power by a sealed RPM Honda 200cc engine. And what a return it's been! Multiple race wins in 2022 , also winning the inaugural UK Plate special race in August 2022 and we are pleased to say he was crowned Honda Cadet Extreme Champion 2022 in September 2022.

He started 2023 racing his Junior Prokart, powered by 2 x 200 Extreme engines, winning his first race and taking the UK Plate in that class.

He has karted since he was 6 years old, racing in local and at a later stage, national series, with BirelART and the high profile Daniel Ricciardo Series.

Chase wants to follow in his families footsteps and Mark's, by racing cars. In 2023, an MG ZR was purchased for him to compete in various Hillclimbs and Sprints when he is 14, which should give him good experience, ready for when he can jump in a race ZR170 to start his circuit racing time at 16 years old. With Mark's help and planned track tuition, Chase should hit the ground running.


He is at the start of his circuit racing career and we are proud to be working with him.

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